Additions & Remodels:

ARCH-AIDE, LLC Architects has designed many 'Highly Personalized'  Addition & Remodel projects since establishing our practice.  All of our Addition/Remodel projects receive the same professional attention as would a NEW or any other project we might pursue with you, the client.  We have consulted on Addition & Remodel projects of all scales and required levels of detail.  No project is too small and we will even build your Addition or Remodel project for you if you would like us to.

The Farm: a restoration of HOME

Rural Sun Prairie, WI

An extensive Exterior and Interior Remodel and later Addition to a family farm which was held and cherished for several generations.  The original house was completely 'gutted-out' to allow for all new rough framing including the floor plates.  As is evidenced by the following photos, nothing was spared in the attempt to restore and enhance this place of HOME and family heritage -- we truly hope you will appreciate what you see here:


An Autum Setting:

Front View showing GARAGE Addition:

Rear View showing MASTER SUITE Addition:


A Country Kitchen:

The Dining Room Pantry:

Dining Room & Staircase:

Dining Hearth:


Upper Staircase:

Bathing Room:

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