We offer a full range of Architectural Services for Commercial, Single-Family and Multi-Family Residential building projects.

We offer the following Residential Architectural Design / Build Services:

Highly Personalized'

 Commercial & Residential Architecture

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Our firm has provided architectural services to hundreds of clients.  This includes, consultations, single-family (new and addition/remodel), multi-family and commercial (new and addition/remodel) projects.

Our Design Team is very detail-oriented and takes great pride in producing a ‘highly personalized’ solution to your building project. When you hire ARCH-AIDE, LLC you are not only getting a set of drawings, you are receiving a highly customized design solution specifically tailored to your project objectives

 and Lifestyle.

 Design Philosophy:
Our firm is committed to a process where the client is actively involved in the building design process. We listen to our client’s needs and requirements and incorporate them into the design process.  As a result of our approach to the Architectural Design Process we have been able to complete highly successful projects that achieve a very high level of satisfaction with our clients.


ARCH-AIDE, LLC offers complete architectural planning, design and Construction Document services at every phase of the design process. We provide a variety of services ranging from basic design consultation and concept design through to construction documents and specifications, and Construction Services for Residential projectsOur concentration has been designing custom residential homes to include new construction and addition/remodeling projects.  In addition to residential architecture, however, our firm provides design services for commercial projects which include multi-family developments, healthcare, office buildings, retail, tenant space remodels and child care facilities. Many of the services that our firm provides include the following:      

- Individualized Hourly Design Consultation
       - Master Planning
       - Site Landscape Design
    - Development of Schematic Drawings
   - Site Layout & Space  Planning             
       - Floor Plans
       - Site Plans
       - Participation in City & Committee Meetings
Preliminary Pricing
Elevation Drawings
2D Renderings
3D Modeling
Construction Documents & Specifications
Project Bidding Assistance        
   - Interior Design 

      Architectural Design & Construction Process:

Typically the architectural design and construction process at ARCH-AIDE, LLC is a series of six sequential phases.  The scope of each project, as well as, the client's individual preferences will determine the services that are provided.  The entire process for Residential projects typically takes approximately 3-4 months from initial design to project completion depending on size, complexity, and scope of the project.

Phase 1 - Pre-Design
The Pre-Design Phase is the information gathering phase.  At this point we are deciding what to build.  In the beginning of each new project we take the time to listen to our clients so that we understand the design goals, objectives and parameters of our clients in order to make good design decisions. Much of this phase is completed on paper so changes can be made easily and inexpensively.

Phase 2 - Concept Design
The Concept Design Phase is the exploration phase.  We are developing rough sketches and layouts based on the information in the first phase.  During this phase the architect and client work together as a team.  We also begin developing the floor plans and elevations in a basic format to start the process of preliminary pricing.

Phase 3 - Design Development
In the Design Development Phase, concept drawings are advanced to a higher level of detail and refinement.  During this phase, a more comprehensive set of Design Documents is developed.

Phase 4 - Construction Documents 
During the Construction Documents Phase we complete a structural analysis and specify materials and products.  The construction documents contain very detailed information and become the basis for your contract with the builder.

Phase 5 - Bidding & Negotiation
After construction documents are completed, drawings are printed and distributed for bidding. After bids are received, construction contracts are prepared, revised if necessary, and reviewed by our firm on the owner's behalf and construction is scheduled.

Phase 6 - Construction Administration
During construction we make frequent inspections to make sure everything is in conformance with the original design.  We also work with subcontractors and make recommendations as needed. At the end of phase 6 your design on paper will become a reality.

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