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As President of ARCH-AIDE, LLC Architects, please allow me to welcome you to our recently released, but ever evolving Official Website. With this latest release, we are happy to share some of our more notable and fun Residential & Commercial projects.

Our firm prides itself on providing our clients with a 'Highly Personalized' approach to your building project. Whether it's a NEW Home, a Remodel, a Multi-Family, or a Commercial building, you can be assured that your project will receive a very high level of professional attention that only an experienced Architect is trained to provide.

If a unique, 'Highly Personalized'  design solution is what you have come to expect, then we want to work with you, not just for you.

We offer many Architectural Services and a more complete Design/build service on our Single-Family Home projects if you need a quality builder. We can even assist you in finding a prime lot in a respected community, one in which you will be truly happy to call 'HOME'.

Thank You and enjoy your visit here!!!!!

Gregory Karn, AIA


ARCH-AIDE, LLC Architects

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